23.3D Documents


The 3D Document is a unique ARCHICAD feature that presents your models with annotations in a 3D perspective or axonometric view. The 3D Document allows you to use the 3D view of the model as the basis for creating a document, to which you can add dimensions, labels and additional 2D drawing elements.


    1. Open the 3D-01 Document from the View Map of the Pop-Up Navigator.
    2. Activate the Dimension Tool and select Dim (3,0) from the Favorites palette.
    3. In the Info Box, set it up as follows:
      1. Text Position: Top
      2. Dimension Plane: Any Plane
      3. Geometry Method: X-Y Only
    4. Place the dimension reference points manually by clicking on the points that you want to dimension, then double-click. Use the Hammer cursor to position the dimension chains.

Next, take a look at Picture 1 and Picture 2 tabs. (If the camera icon on a non-active tab has a checkmark, this means it has finished the rendering process.) Open the tabs to check the results.

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