1. Activate the Navigator’s Layout Book.
      2. Double-click on the A.01 Pavilion Layout.
      3. Switch to the Navigator View Map. Select the 0. Ground Floor from the Floor Plans folder, right-click and activate the Place on Layout command.
      4. Move the cursor to the Layout area and click on it to place the selected view.
      5. Select the placed drawing, click on its edge and modify the drawing frame by using the Pet Palette. Right-click, activate the Move > Drag command, and move the drawing to the upper-right corner.
      6. Deselect the drawing.
      7. If you don’t want to place the drawings one by one, click the top-left button in the Pop-Up Navigator and select the Show Organizer command.
      8. Choose the View Map on the left side of the Organizer and the Layout Book on the right side.
      9. Select all Elevations in the View Map and drag them into the A.01 Pavilion Layout.
      10. Place the other drawings (Sections and Rendering) onto the Layout and close the Organizer palette. Arrange the drawings into the correct positions.
      11. To help align the drawings to each other, you can snap the cursor to model elements. For example, you can place a section drawing below an elevation drawing, select the first one, activate the Move (CTRL/CMD + D) command, and align it by element nodes.

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